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Mahabaleshwar is situated amidst the high Ranges of sahyadri. It offers a breakfast view Of valleys below which are full of ever green Forest and a lush undergrowth. Many springs and water falls abound in this area which offers Best Viewing points and picnic spots. Many of These points have good motor able roads leading the tourist for an easy approach. The winding Rides through thick foliage are an experience in themselves.

OLD MAHABALESHWAR: Ht.1331 mts. Distance: 5 kms.

The Lord Siva Temple of Mahabali (therefore Mahabaleshwar) there is a Siva Pindi (SHIVALING) having natural spring which flows throughout the year.

The Krishnamai Temple. In this temple there is a Gomukh – Cow head carved in stone through which it is believed, water from five holy rivers comes out. They are Krishna, Venna, Koyana, Savitri and Gayatri This temple is therefore, known as Panchganga Temple.

Elphista Point (Ht.1275 mtrs)
Over looking two vallys, Koyna on the left and Savatri on the right.

Marjorie point, Monkey Point , Savitry Point, Castle rock point:
(on way to Arthur’s Seat point) The beautiful konkan valley is seen from here.

Arthur’s Seat: Ht. 1347 Mts. Distance: 12.5 Kms.
By far the most beautiful and picturesque Spot overlooking konkan. And Savitri valley bellow One can easily see Raigadh Fort from this vantag Point. About 200 ft. below, a small steep and narrow Path leads to Window point – a ledge of a big Rock – which gives a magnificent view of the Breathtaking drop below. On way to Arthur’s Seat, one comes across a spring – known as Tiger’s spring. It believed that Tiger’s and other wild animals visit this spot for drinking water.

Cannought peak: 1385 mts. Dist : 3.5 Kms.

Covered by thick, green foliage. The view of Lake and Mahabaleshwar town is scenic. A Magnificent View of Sun-set is an added attraction.

Kate’s point: Ht.1290 mts.Dist: 6.8 Kms.
Gives panoramic view of Dhom Dam and Deccan plateau. Kamalgadh, Pandavgadh and Mandhardeo peaks are visible from here. On the eastern side there is a ledge of rock separated from the main body forming a needle hole. On the northen side is Echo point. It is interesting to go to that point and produce 5 Echoes.

Lodwick Point: Ht. 1240 mts. Dist. : 5 Kms.

Wilson Point: Ht.1449 mts.
Also called Sunrise point located on Satara Road.

Babington point: Ht, 1295 mts. On way to Tapola view of Konya valley and sunset point.

Bagdad point:
A very beautiful point between kms. No.8 to 9 of Satara Road, you see super scenic view of the back Waters of Koyana dam on your left, river, Solshi in front of you & green slopes of Mahabaleshwar on your right

Bombay point: Ht.1295 mts.
A very popular sunset point shows the Sahyadri Range, Koyana valley & Pratapgad Afzalkhan’s army came along the ravines of which are vividly seen from this point.

A huge Ground for Horse Riding lovers and for playing Cricket

Chinaman water fall: (During Monsoon)
You may have a pleasant walk in the wood to get near this waterfall it is very close from the town situated only one km. By road pleasant picturesque view.

Lingmala water fall: (During Monsoon)
A worth visiting spot! Especially after monsoon marvelous fall of every over flow from Venna Lake is scenic. The stream fall’s a sheer drop of the venna valley in three distinct steps. Upstream of the fall is popular picnic spot and photography.

PRATAPGAD: 25 kms. From Mahabaleshwar.
A visit to Pratapgadh adds a historical dimension to your Mahabaleshwar trip. History was created at this fort when Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj killed Afzalkhan. The fort holds a commanding view of konkan below. One can easily see raigad fort in the west

VENNA LAKE: 1.5 kms.from s.t.station.
This is the most popular attraction of Mahabaleshwar you can enjoy cool breeze with makkai bhutta and Fresh Strabary icecream,, Boating, Horse Riding, game stall, rides for kids and stalls of eatables are other attraction. Little ahed to panchgini enjoy fresh strabary and corn pattice at strabary gardens.

TAPOLA: 25 kms.from Mahabaleshwar.
Tapola is a mini Kashmir of Maharashtra. Shivsagar is a vast expanse off back water of Koyna Dam about 30 kms from Mahabaleshwar. It is a wonderful picnic spot, speed boats and launches are available for boating. Tapola boat club to take full enjoyment.

PANCHAGANI: 18 kms from Mahabaleshwar on way to Pune , a neighbouring hill station, Panchgani is the most popular education centre. There are more than 30 boarding schools known for best education

On the road of Panchgani you can visit fallowing places.

Mapro Gardens and Mala`s Jam factory, Go carting and Wonder amusement Park near check naka of Panchgini.

PARSI POINT: This is a very windy spot which over looks the Krishna valley and the blue mirror of water in the Dhom dam.

TABLE LAND: This is the large expence of flat top lateeite rock, it is second largest mountain plateau in Asia, it is about 60 mts height situated on eastern side of the town give a nice view of the Panchgani town below, there are some specious caves.

SYDNI POINT: You can clearly see the exotic view of the back water of Krishna River and the Dhom dam. You can also see Kamalgad and Pandavgad.

Wai: 32 kmp. from mahabaleshwer on way to pune. A holy town situated on bank of river Krishna it is also known as kashi of south. There is a temple of Lord Ganesha also called as dholya ganpati and is carved in single stone. There are many more Ancient temples on the bank of river.

Balaji Temple: On way to Pune (near village KAPURHOLE 2 Kms off the Highway on way to Narayanpur) you can visit Balaji Tample just 85 Kms away from Mahabaleshwar.


(Mumbai – Panvel – Pen – Vadkhal – Mahad – Poladpur – Mahableshwar)
Traveling time : By Car approx. 5 hrs.40 mns

2) MUMBAI– PUNE – MAHABALESHWAR : 290 Kms Via Mumbai - Pune Express Way
(Mumbai – Panvel – Pune – Wai – Panchgani – Mahabaleshwar)
Traveling time: By Car Approx.5 hrs.30 Mns. Bus – 8 hrs

(Pune – Wai – Panchgani – mahabaleshwar)
Traveling time : Car 2 hrs.30 mns. Bus 4 hrs

Traveling time : Car 20 mns. Bus 30 mns.

AIR: Nearest Airport – Pune
Air service connect MUMBAI – DELHI – BANGLORE – HYDRABAD.
From Pune to Mahabaleshwar – Road travel.

RAIL: Nearest and convenient Rail Station – Pune
From Pune to Mahabaleshwar – Road travel


1. Maharashtra State Road Transport plays Buses To all important places in Maharashtra. They Have Ordinary buses; Asiad Buses (Semi Lux.) And Volov Coaches to Mumbai – Pune – Satara -Nasik – Nagar – Sangli – Kolhapur – Goa and Surat etc.

2. Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (M.T.D.C.) plays Semi Luxury – Volvo coaches to Mumbai & pune.

3. Private Transport :
Volov A.C.Buses & Mercedes Benz A/c Buses to – Mumbai  & Pune, Goa.

4. Taxis & Tourist Taxis are available.


1. Taxis and Tourist Taxis are available for Local Transport / Sight seeing.

2. State Transport Services are available to go

Around Mahabaleshwar for Sightseeing.

Local Sight Seeing (Mahabaleshwar point Darshan)
Sight Seeing tours to Panchgani.
Sight Seeing tours to Pratapgadh.
Sight Seeing tours to Tapola. (Backwater of koyana dam)
MTDC also runs Sight Seeing tours with Guide to all above places.